Genesis Area Development
Genesis Area Development

COVID19 Stimulus information from SSA is now available on the links tab on our page. Currently we have no specific information from SSA as to if or when stimulus money will be released or how it will be released to our clients.

Genesis clients now have the freedom and independence associated with their own debit cards! Our Life Freedoma Mastercard is accepted at most any business, or ATM.

Genesis Area Development does not have a "waiting list" or limit as to the number of clients we serve. All applications are handled in a timely and respectful manner.

Genesis Area Development is a non-profit corporation that offers organizational representative payee services. We have offices in Brownwood, Austin, Dallas, Houston,  San Antonio and San Angelo. We meet all criteria set forth by the Social Security Administration to perform these duties. We use these guidelines whether our client receives SS benefits or other income such as;

  • Retirement benefits
  • VA benefits
  • Employment income
Our first priority is to insure our clients basic food, clothing, and shelter needs are met. This is accomplished by a team of professionals working together for the client. Our office works closely with SSA, banks, and other government agencies to create a network of support for each client.
Our services are ideally suited for;
  • The elderly
  • Those who are mentally or physically handicapped
  • Those being exploited
  • Victims of substance abuse
  • Victims of spousal abuse
  • Anyone desiring the peace of mind payee services can bring

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